Album of The Week – Dec 28, 2008
December 29, 2008, 12:35 am
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By now most people who enjoy deep, thoughtful metal will have heard the majority of Agalloch’s beautiful folky take on black metal. However, in my experience, far less people are familiar with Sculptured, Don Anderson’s slightly more eclectic brainchild. This is progressive metal with a great deal of bizarre texture my children. Strange sound effects and spoken word, tinkling piano, strange timing, and just overall bizarritude in a decidedly heavy and melodic spaceship/matter transporter device. I particularly enjoy the continually thrumming bass guitar. Embodiment is incredibly intelligent, very pretty at times while also containing visceral sections that show off some extreme progressive chops. Had I listened to this album before the creation of my top 15, it may have enjoyed a space in the top 10.

Try It If You Like: Pain Of Salvation, Arcturus, Green Carnation

Selected Tracks: The Shape Of Rage, Embodiment

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